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A-la-Carte Wedding Consultations

What Is A-la-Carte Wedding Consultations?

Planning a wedding is a huge ordeal, and some people are unsure of where to even start making plans. Other couples have some details in mind and may even have a few concrete plans. An a-la-carte wedding consultant may be what you need. Here is a look at what to expect from a-la-carte wedding consultations.
Get Help with Style and Design
Most people do go to a wedding planner with a certain theme or colour scheme in mind for their wedding and reception, but they may not have much beyond that. If you are having issues with developing a good plan based on what you have in mind, you can work with an a-la-carte service provider who will look at your preferences and come up with style and design elements that match.
Opt for Per-Hour Services If Preferred
If you only need a straightforward bit of guidance, al-la-carte wedding consultations will give you per-hour assistance if that is what you prefer. You can choose to hire the planner to help you orchestrate the big event on the day of and pay them by the hour, or you can have just a few hour-long sessions to help you gain some insight on pulling your own plans together and tying up any loose ends.
Obtain Only the Help You Need
The best thing about a-la-carte wedding consultations is you get help with the areas of planning your wedding that you need help with. If you are only looking for guidance with picking and working with vendors, you can get that only. If you just need some help planning your reception, that is possible as well. The wedding consultant will work with the ideas you have and fill in the blanks.

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