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When Should I Book Wedding Vendors?

Florists, decorators, DJ's, planners and more, do they ALL have to be booked far in advance? The short and simple answer is - YES!

Wedding vendors are facing unprecedented bookings recently and if you want a particular vendor, odds are, you're going to have to book very far in advance. Or be flexible with your date. Planning a Thursday or Sunday wedding might give you better options.

Venues, caterers, planners, decorators, DJ's and photographers should be booked immediately. Many of these vendors we work with are fully booked for next year and have half of the year after booked as well. If you've decided you want a planner, book them well in advance and book them first. They can usually help you find the other vendors you're looking for and possibly save you some money.

Makeup artists, hairstylists, florists, accommodations and transportation companies should be booked next, also with plenty of time to spare. If you think you can find a great, licensed makeup artists two months before the big day, you might be left without.

Bottom line, book your planner first, then work with them to book all other vendors immediately. Once that's done, you can rest, for a while anyways. :)


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