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Sudbury Wedding Organizer

Meeting Your Sudbury Wedding Organizer for the First Time:‌ What to Bring

You have made a wise decision and enlisted the help of a Sudbury wedding organizer to plan your nuptial-day events. You have an initial meeting scheduled and can’t wait to get the plans started. Before you head to this first and very important meeting, there are a few things you can gather so you will be prepared to get the plans started with your wedding planner.
Bring Colour Swatches
Having your own colours in hand already can eliminate you from having to sort through all the colours available to find what it is that you want exactly. This is especially important if you have a unique colour scheme in mind.
Bring Your Theme Ideas
Do you have a theme picked out for your wedding and reception? Or, have you got a few ideas that you would like to get input on from the a wedding organizer? In any case, make sure you jot down the theme ideas you have. It can also be helpful to create a collection of photos on your phone of wedding themes or looks that you like that you would like to use as inspiration. These visual images can ensure the wedding planner understands what it is you have in mind.
Bring Your List of Questions to Ask
Preparing a list of questions to ask the wedding planner will be a good way to kick off the initial appointment. It is so easy to forget to ask something important during the initial meeting. Having your list ready to go will allow the consultation to progress in a way that everything is covered.

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