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To COVID or Not to COVID?

After the ups and downs of weddings over the past couple of summers, the landscape of weddings is taking on a whole new look. When restrictions were in place, many had to re-imagine their special day, whether it was scaling back the guest list, choosing a new venue or choosing a whole new date. With restrictions easing up somewhat, couples are still taking the cautious approach and opting for more intimate and low-key nuptials. This has changed the wedding landscape and has made weddings far more intimate and less stressful!

Our advice has always been, even if your wedding is planned for 2023, plan for it as if COVID restrictions were still in place. Source out bulk hand sanitizers and masks, adjust your floor plan for six feet of social distancing between each table and always have a backup plan that includes a restricted guest list. This is paramount! No one can foresee what future has instore for us so let's circumvent the worst case scenario by planning for it! Bottom line - if you're wedding planning on your own, A) Hire a wedding planner if at all possible. B) Plan tomorrow as if it were happening today. C) Always have a COVID back up plan and D) Don't panic - it's still going to be the most beautiful day ever!

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