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A Boy Scout or a Wedding Planner?

ALWAYS BE PREPARED! Any of you who have ever planned an event understand the unwritten rule - "Things will go wrong!". It's how you're prepared to deal with them that makes the difference between a simple issue easily fixed or a major event-altering mistake that's not easily resolved. Have you ever been in a situation where you've had to search out something to correct a problem? Do you remain calm, cool and collected? Part of my job as a Certified Wedding Planner is keeping cool under pressure, as well as being prepared. Each wedding I work, I always carry my "Emergency Kit" that ensures even the smallest issues can be handled quickly and discreetly. Items such as safety pins, dental floss, spray-on deodorant, stain remover, tape measure, eyelash glue, antacids, sewing kit and more!

Being prepared for the unexpected, whether it's a casual event or a grand-scale wedding makes all the difference between dreading the worst or expecting the best. l don't ever want my bride, groom or wedding party to feel like they can't trust me to deliver so this is one of the ways I ensure they can rely on me for most things. If it's not in my emergency kit, I'll find it for you, I swear! What are some ways you manage to stay calm under pressure?

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